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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Frequently asked questions

To explore normal development, we observe the behavior of healthy babies and children aged 5 months to 8 years. To do this, we use video to record how children behave in certain situations, e.g. where they look or how they handle toys. Through their behavior, children show us how they perceive and assess that situation. In addition, in some studies we ask parents to assess their child using a questionnaire.

The studies usually include one appointment (duration about 1 hour). Each study begins with a familiarization period during which your child can get acquainted with the staff and the room. At the end of the study, questions that arose during the study are answered, your child receives his or her certificate and gift, and the parents receive the expense allowance.

Through your participation, you support research into child development. You will also receive an expense allowance of 5 euros per study. Your baby will receive a certificate and a small gift. At the end of the following year, you will receive a report on the overall results of the study. In our child-friendly rooms, we also offer childcare if you bring older siblings with you.

The studies take place at the TU Dortmund University in Emil-Figge-Straße 50. We have provided you with detailed directions depending on how to get there:

Upon request, we will send you this description by email or by mail.

If you would like to participate in a study you can register via this online form.

It can sometimes take some time before you receive an invitation from us to participate in a study. This can have several reasons. On the one hand, it may be because your child is not in the age range of the current studies. Secondly, it may be because there were more children of the appropriate age in our database than we could invite for the respective studies.