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Student Council Psychology

Welcome to the website of the Student Council of Psychology!

On this homepage you will find information about our student council and current information about events, counseling hours and other offers. The student council of psychology is elected by the student body of psychology (all students of psychology) and acts as the representative of the student body. The election of the Fachschaftrat takes place at the Fachschaftsvollversammlung, which is usually held every semester. The dates of the student council meeting are announced 14 days in advance. The student council holds a student council meeting every 14 days to discuss current issues. This meeting is open to the public and can be attended by you at any time. On this website you will find current information about possible events and announcements. The website is kept up to date so that new information can be viewed in the "News" tab.

What does the student council do?

  • Exchange of information
  • Contact person for questions and problems
  • Representation of student interests in university politics
  • Organization of the orientation period, Christmas party, summer party, etc.
  • Contact to the "Association for Psychology Teachers
  • Lending of basic literature


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The e-mail distribution list of the council of experts

As of now, the Psychology Student Council has an email distribution list. Please send us an e-mail to the distribution list. After that you will automatically receive all relevant and new information via e-mail. The e-mail distribution list is ALWAYS more current than the information on this student council page, because the website is not constantly updated (among other less important information). Note: Please write to us with your unimail address , we can only include TU mail addresses in the distribution list.

Send e-mail to the distribution list

News from the student council

Events of the student council