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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Research Projects of Educational and Differential Psychology at TU Dortmund University

Topic: Motivational and personality determinants of intellectual development in primary school age

© Ricarda Steinmayr​/​TU Dortmund

The project MopeD (Motivational and Personality-Related Determinants of Intellectual Development in Primary School Children) is led by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bergold and Prof. Dr. Ricarda Steinmayr and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). MopeD investigates the reciprocal influence of personality traits, more precisely of investment traits and intelligence development of primary school children. Investment traits are stable individual differences in the tendency to seek out, continuously pursue, and derive pleasure from cognitive challenges (von Stumm, Chamorro-Premuzic, & Ackerman, 2011) and they determine when, where, and how individuals invest time and effort in their intellect (vom Stumm & Ackermann, 2013). In particular, this project addresses the question of how enjoyment of thinking, interest- and deprivation-driven curiosity, and achievement motivation are related to crystalline and fluid intelligence. To this end, approximately 500 elementary school children from 22 schools will be studied at two measurement time points approximately one year apart, once at the beginning of 3rd grade and once at the beginning of 4th grade. After recording some sociodemographic variables and covariates, such as cultural capital, the children answer a questionnaire about their investment traits. Subsequently, both fluid and crystalline intelligence are assessed with two achievement tests each. In addition to the children, their parents and teachers will also be interviewed.

Contact persons: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Bergold and Prof. Dr. Ricarda Steinmayr