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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology


About the teaching areas and their individual publications

Overview of the teaching areas and their research fields

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The Institute of Psychology at TU Dortmund University is practice-oriented in the training of psychology teachers and also offers a minor in psychology. This results in a special profile for the TU, which is not only evident in teaching and training, but can also be seen in research: research topics such as education, school and students are typical desiderata, which are implemented in projects and publications. The IFP is divided into three research units:

  1. Developmental Psychology
  2. Educational and Differential Psychology
  3. Social, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Together, the teaching units provide insight into the various psychological disciplines and demonstrate an interdisciplinary view within educational research. Thus, nearly all studies are related to educational psychology. Nevertheless, other research topics continue to be offered in the various disciplines, which means that the TU Dortmund not only does a lot of research in the field of educational psychology, but also sheds light on other topics, such as negotiation in social, industrial and organizational psychology. In the Experimental Practicum, students are shown an insight into what research at TU Dortmund can look like. In case of further interest, the individual teaching areas can be found on the homepage and the various publications listed.

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