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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Study opportunities

General information

The TU Dortmund University of Technology is the only university in North Rhine-Westphalia that offers a study of psychology as a teaching subject for a teaching profession at grammar schools and comprehensive schools as well as vocational colleges. In the teaching degree program, courses from two teaching subjects and from the educational sciences must be studied (2-subject bachelor's degree).

No psychologists or school psychologists are trained at the TU Dortmund. The course of study is also not geared towards later employment in therapy. For this purpose, there are various training positions outside the universities.

The teaching and learning contents of psychology are geared towards later work in the field of school and education. Therefore, this 2-subject bachelor's program is not comparable to a 1-subject bachelor's program in psychology at other universities. Credit for transfer is neither sought nor guaranteed, and Bachelor's graduates with a teaching major in psychology may lack some of the required credits for transfer to a Master's program in psychology.

Overview of study options

You have the following options to study psychology at TU Dortmund University:

In addition, there is the possibility to study psychology as a minor subject in some degree programs at TU Dortmund University. All information on this can be found in the minor subject agreements of the corresponding degree programs.