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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Institute for Psychology at the TU Dortmund

Institute profile

In research, the members of the Institute of Psychology at TU Dortmund University work on a wide range of issues, especially in the areas of educational research, research on child development, on processes of human action control, and on human experience and behavior in various work contexts. Many of the research projects are third-party funded (e.g. by the DFG or the BMBF) and the research results obtained are published in international journals. In teaching, the Institute of Psychology offers courses in the three fields of developmental psychology, educational and differential psychology, as well as social, industrial and organizational psychology. The Institute offers various courses in the basic disciplines of scientific psychology, which are of practical relevance for the training of future teachers in the subject of psychology at schools.

Due to the orientation of the teacher training courses offered by the Institute of Psychology towards teaching at grammar schools, comprehensive schools and vocational colleges, this does not grant access to or credit for undergraduate studies in psychology or for psychotherapeutic training.

Designated courses in the Psychology teaching program are open as minor subjects or electives for module areas of other degree programs at the TU Dortmund University.

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