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Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology
Student Council Psychology

Current members

What the individual tasks specifically mean, can be read below. This is a so-called "Responsive table", i.e. the table adapts to the resolution of the device that visits this page. On a cell phone, the table is displayed differently, one below the other. In this case it is then name, task and contact in bold below each other and in this order it continues with our members: first name, then the tasks and then the e-mail (if available).


Name Task Contact
Dustin Segeth 1st chair class administrator e-mail distribution list E-mail to Dustin Segeth
Marvin Paul 2nd chair Moodle representative E-Mail to Marvin Paul
Alina Paar E-Mail Student Council Conference Student Council Work
Denis Schaumann 1. finance officer student council work
Vanessa Karg 2nd Financial Officer Student Council
Anja Kistenich Student council
Daniel Lengnick Student council
Adonia Cazacu Student council
Patricia Margold Student council
Leonie Weiler Student council
Meike Bersuck Student council
Isabell Michalski Student council
Ina Woloschin Student council
Johannes Vermöhlen Student council
Leonie Weiler Student council
Jacqueline Roesler Student council
Anne-Sophie Dieterle Student council
Paulien Axthelm Student council
Veronika Troisch Student council
Yvonne Thao Rahn Student council

Which tasks belong to "Fachschaftsarbeit"?

The Student Council performs a variety of tasks, among them are exemplary:

  • International Student Council/ Second Monday
  • Student council conference
  • Email communication and maintenance of the email distribution list
  • Facebook and social media work
  • KVQ
  • Room maintenance
  • Contact to the talent scouting project of the TU Dortmund University
  • Planning of events
  • etc. ...

Our supporters

  • Nadine Drobny-Lippert
  • Bernie Dann
  • Sven Jansen
  • Miriam Babli
  • Martin Behrendt
  • Laura Offenberg
    Alex Bobb
  • Pia Angenendt
  • Jonathan Young
  • Erika Muzychenko
  • Maike Stückemann
  • Anna Wolf
  • Dounia S.
  • Paul Best
  • Melanie Richter
  • Annika Schütz